In the Sunshine Coast and South-East Queensland, Trimfell Tree Services provides their governmental, corporate, and residential clients with arboricultural services.

Before we begin work, we arrange for you to have a consultation with our skilled arborist. We provide you with a comprehensive quote detailing all of the tree services that we will provide.

This quote is written to help you understand what we plan on achieving and what is required to do the job right. We are always happy to discuss the details with our clients.

For your peace of mind, our work at Trimfell Tree Services is covered with a $20 million public liability cover which, we are happy to inform you, we have never had to access.

Tree Pruning Services

Pruning is one of our favorite jobs to do. We use both EWP’s and climbing techniques to develop our pruning skills. Pruning is the number one service requested by our clients. We guarantee that when you do business with us that we will do our work with the best interest of the trees in mind and that you will be satisfied with the end result.

Corrective Pruning Weight Reduction
Formative Pruning Thinning and Balance
Crown Lift Fenceline Clearances
Dead Wood Removal Pollarding 
Drip Line Reduction Veteran prune

Tree Removal

The larger the tree, the more complex the task of removal is. To do the job right, we have specialized rigging gear and tree removal equipment. We have trained and qualified climbers, EWP’s, and cranes that help us to efficiently and safely remove large trees.

We have worked on a variety of commercial and residential developments that have required large machinery to do mass clearing of trees.

Stump Grinding

In order to completely clear the ground and to prevent the tree from growing back, stumps are often ground into the ground after a tree has been removed.

We have the capacity to grind just about any stump, no matter where it is located. To create a flat surface where the tree once was we do a regular grind which is about 30 centimeters below the surface.

If needed, we have the capacity to do a deeper grind.

Stump removal is an intensive job. Sometimes, it means maneuvering large pieces of equipment into tight places.

That’s why we have both a large and a small grinder. (Keep in mind that obstacles such as walls, gas lines, and water mains may prevent complete access or removal of the stump.)

Need A Site Cleared?

Trimfell Tree Services is able to clear any site because we have the capacity, the ability, and the equipment to do the job. From chipping onsite to shrub and tree removal, we do it all. We are able to stay competitive in our pricing because we have state-of-the-art equipment.

We clear sites, no matter how larger or how small. To do the job right, we include the following:

Clearance pruning and large scale tree felling is done for the following:

New Housing estates Road building
Greenfields projects On Site Mulching
Commercial block development Mulch removal
Residential subdivision  


Additional Aboricultural Services

The aboricultural services provided by Trimfell Tree Services includes vintage pruning, cabil braising and pest removal

Tree Consultations

On-site consultations include verbal information and instructions / advice as well as a written quotation and /or report for any aboricultural services suggested.