How To Be Safe And Avoid Damage From Tree Removal

For safety purposes, whenever a tree is located in a dangerous position, the best thing to do is call a professional tree removal service.  If you attempt to do the job yourself, a serious accident could result, especially in situations where thee are trees located next to power lines.

Do you have trees growing right up next to your house, or perhaps you have ones right up near the garage or power lines.  If you are faced with any of these situations, it is a very good idea to get in touch with a professional who can provide you with a free quote and sound advice.

Many people may believe they can do all their own tree removal and tree lopping chores.  However, it is a much better idea to avoid climbing up on a shaky and unsecure ladder and completely avoid all accidents.  Paying a professional to trim or lop your trees is a lot less expensive than having to pay medical bills that are the result of an accident.

Then there are all of the insurance claims you won’t qualify for.  We won’t even go into how dangerous is to attempt to trim your trees that are right next to power lines.

Here at Trimfell Tree Services, we specialise in tree removal and tree removal services.  We also prune trees.  High quality, professional tree pruning provides many benefits to your trees, including improving flowering and fruiting, growth control, improving health and also the overall appearance of your garden.

Whenever a tree begins to fade away due to age, you will notice the trunk drying up from the inside.  The structural integrity of the tree also significantly decreases.  At their weakest points, the trunks may snap.  Your tree could also fall onto your house as a result of severe storms and other natural disasters as well as powerful wind gusts.

This can result in your house suffering very expensive damage if a big pine, oak or other tree lands on it.  At this point, the only thing that can be done is tree removal or tree lopping.

If you have a very large tree, that’s another potential disaster looming on the horizon.  If the tree is very big, you can inadvertently cause a lot of property damage if you attempt to cut the tree down yourself.

An example of where you could run into trouble is miscalculating the angle and cutting through the trunk.  The worst case scenario is you could see the tree crash through your window or land on your roof!

The only real way you can avoid these dangers is to hire a professional tree lopper for the job.  The boys at Trimfell Tree Services have lots of experience.  For 25 years, they’ve been cutting trees down.  Also, they have the proper equipment for safely removing the trees so that everyone is safe.

No matter how hard the job may be, it’s your responsibility to cut dried out, old, dangerous and large tree down and remove them from the property to help ensure the safety of your property and family.

Be sure to only hire a tree removal and tree services company that is reputable.  Queensland-based Trimfell Tree Services is ready to help you.

We have over 25 years experience and our company has handled, and gone through, all different types of emergency, tree removal and tree lopping situations.

Our professional and gifted Trimfell Tree Services team can do just about anything.  Here are a few samples of the type of work we can do for you:

  • Total tree removal
  • Tree lopping
  • Property maintenance
  • Storm clean ups
  • Land clearing

Whenever you have a challenging, dangerous or difficult situation come up, our tree lopping equipment includes cranes and cherry pickers.  Never put your trust in a ladder.  That’s the golden rule.

No matter where our team happens to be working, you will see their organisation and professionalism.  It will assure you immediately that they have the best crew around.

The top priority is taking care of whatever it is needs to be done.

The client list for Trimfell Tree Services includes both commercial and domestic premises:

  • Real estate agents
  • Construction sites
  • Commercial land clearing
  • Domestic – felling and removal
  • Civil contractors
  • Education facilities

Trimfell Tree Services is known to be one of the most trusted and finest Queensland-based tree pruning and tree removal services.