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How To Be Safe And Avoid Damage From Tree Removal

For safety purposes, whenever a tree is located in a dangerous position, the best thing to do is call a professional tree removal service.  If you attempt to do the job yourself, a serious accident could result, especially in situations where thee are trees located next to power lines.

Do you have trees growing right up next to your house, or perhaps you have ones right up near the garage or power lines.  If you are faced with any of these situations, it is a very good idea to get in touch with a professional who can provide you with a free quote and sound advice.

Many people may believe they can do all their own tree removal and tree lopping chores.  However, it is a much better idea to avoid climbing up on a shaky and unsecure ladder and completely avoid all accidents.  Paying a professional to trim or lop your trees is a lot less expensive than having to pay medical bills that are the result of an accident. Read More…

Tree Removal or Tree Lopping: When Must It Be Done?

Trees are a great way for you to improve both your property’s value and the aesthetics of your home. However, like other living creatures, trees grow, flourish, and sometimes die.

This is just a fact. Because trees usually live a long time, they often become like friends, so removing them even when they are sick is something most people want to never have to do. Unfortunately, tree removal is sometimes a necessity.

Sickness and death are not the only reasons for removing trees around your property. Sometimes, trees become damaged beyond repair by foul weather and need to be removed. You might also consider removing a tree that is not strategically located on your property or one that is blocking your home from receiving its share of natural light. Read More…

Trimfell Tree Services Hunter Valley: Tree Lopping Services

Tree safety and the removal of branches in danger of falling and injuring bystanders is always something to monitor in your back yard.

What about that tree growing in the back yard?  Is it causing you a lot of grief?  Does it appear less safe than it did before?  There is a solution to the problem, or for that matter, any other problem you may have, with wanting to have an unwanted tree removed. 

Just call Ross at Trimfell Tree Services 0402 700 701. Read More…